The Space Between Us

The Space Between Us is my full debut collection. Within the collection are some poems that I wrote a little while ago, and they stayed the distance, and a good number that were written much more recently. The result is a collection that won the Cinnamon Press Debut Poetry Collection Prize, and a book that has attracted some very kind responses from well known poets, friends and colleagues alike.

The poems explore numerous aspects of life, but always with an awareness that much of what really matters goes unspoken, or perhaps can’t be spoken. The spaces between are where the real business happens. There is, of course, light and shade, and I hope there are plenty of smiles (laughs, even) among the knowing nods that readers respond with.

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To see a video for the book go here



The latest reviews of the book are here-

The Space Between Us which I so enjoyed reading, and will continue to … especially the poems Invisible, The Fish And The Jay, and I’m Not The Only One (in case you’re keeping tabs on which are the popular ones!)  I love the way you write about how ordinary life has within it the immense and the existential and I really enjoyed your use of plain language and clear syntax juxtaposed with unexpected images, wonderful metaphors, and polished off with dark uneasy disturbances!


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