A – Z: The Billy Collins Poetry Broadcast

An A- Z of Billy Collins’ Poetry Broadcast

Lockdown is long – but Billy Collins and his Poetry Broadcast has brought joy and and a sense of belonging to many. So here is the A – Z of all things that you may just be wondering about when you watch the broadcast. I’m sure I’ve missed some – feel free to let me know…

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A – Address or adress (you decide), ‘After The Inauguration’

B- Billy’s Birthday Girl, Blackwing

C- Cotton Tail F***er, Cool People The Night People, Cicada (just don’t)

D – DFFD, Dogs (and especially dogs in poems – get him every time)

E – Elephant in the room (this Broadcast won’t go on forever, will it?)

F- Freaky Blast (have one)

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G – Google it up!

H – Handsome Bastard Studios

I – Insurrection / Inauguration – they got their approach to the Broadcast right every time

J – Jazz & Jamesons – is all you need,. Oh, and juke box poems.

K – Key cards – that is a mighty collection.

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Artwork by Johnny Eaton

L – (This) Lime Tree Bower 

M – Mould remediation  and  the Minor Third

N – New poem – those two beautiful words.

O – Oxymoron

P – Professor Bebop, “the paint is still wet on this one”

Q – Questions About Angels – he’s read that and all the rest.

R – (the) reader is central

S – Suzannah  – without her we wouldn’t be here. Shovel – if you have to ask, well …

T – Triscuits & Tom Thumb’s Thumb

U – Unauthorised use of music – it’s Billy’s flirtation with the the popo

V – Value for money – you’re getting all this for free for the duration of a whole pandemic

W – WPD, “wouldn’t want to live on the difference”, Whale Day is ours

X- Let X stand for what it will

Y – You’re not double parked, are you?

Z – “why does z, which looks like
the fastest letter, come at the very end?” (The Long Day)

Catch Billy and his Poetry Broadcast on Facebook — you can watch it live at 10.30 pm (MT) or see the recording next day.

The picture in the banner of this page is the artwork of Johnny Eaton – thanks to him for allowing me to use it.