No Cure – a reading from Like This

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Four Poems – A Preview

My new pamphlet Like This will be available in August from 4Word Press. Four poems that are in the work have been published today by The High Window – here is the link

I shall write more about the pamphlet soon – exciting times!

Thanks to The High Window and its editor David Cooke.

Also thanks to Sharon Larkin for finding room for me this month, in her lovely project Good Dadhood – you can read two more by me on this link –

Look out for Like This.

One year on …

Four Minutes in May 2020 

A strip of light splashed onto laminate floor; 

trace the source through net curtains 

to the road outside where a car too fast goes 

strikingly by. 

Weeds are growing strong in the always new weather, 

no blue sky is ever the same as the last. 

The strip of light has shifted; shrunk. 

It will not last much longer. 

I don’t recall the exact day I wrote this – but it was a Sunday, I think. Now, a year on as the country starts to open up again, it all seems so removed, and yet we did live through it, didn’t we?