Saboteur Award – What voters said about ‘Codes of Conduct’

Saboteur Awards — the comments made by voters

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In no particular order – though I think perhaps from last to first, here are some of the comments written by those kind enough to vote for ‘Codes of Conduct’ in the rexent Saboteur Awards. The pamphlet was shortlisted (top five).

I took out the one that said I was the best poet of the 20th Century (very kind, though somewhat daunting and unlikely in both veracity and chronology), and various others. I did leave a few very self-aggrandising comments in the hope that my employer may look at these.

Thanks to all who voted – even those whose comments I found a little baffling.

(‘Codes of Conduct’ is available online, from Cinnamon Press, or direct from me.)



Good read and extremely interesting and very well written


Highly original!


Funny and true.


Cinnamon never fail to produce high quality poetry pamphlets


Poetry now it seems is mostly (and gloriously) a personal introspection or, as Amis said, about the cruelty of the poet’s mistress. While we will continue to read and write about the dreams that fill our hearts, it’s a brave attempt to reopen poetry to the world around us, and to write of the mundane that fills our lives. Difficult to make such matters engaging, but a worthy attempt.


I have a problem with authority.


I like the clear style and the sharp observations that make me laugh and cry at the same time


Delightful idea that combines narrative with delicate look at working life. Too many times I recognised myself!


Wonderful work


Great initiative.




It is the most readable and enjoyable poetry I have read for ages. And one poem, Reckoning, in particular says it all. And the Henderson poems will be recognised by officer works everywhere.


Neil brilliantly dry sense of humour shines through in his poetry. Neil’s poems tell a ‘real’ story in the most delightful way. Neill’s poems rock!


Amusing collection, situations that you can relate to .




Inspiring, and unusual


Very detailed and beautiful


‘Codes of conduct’ is a great and interesting piece of work that I believe should be commended

A lovely book full of wit and pathos



Not read poetry so instantly relatable but still with depth. V funny.


Incisive use of language and mix of humour and pathos


Beautifully constructed set of poems that conveyed a sense of familiarity.


A beautiful collection, well-supported by an excellent press.


A great description of life on the office, told with insight and humour. Wonderful use of language and a truly off-centre imagination


Spare but clever verse that is often very funny.


I bought the pamphlet and I very much enjoyed reading it


Really good poetry and interesting view on society.


Excellent selection of poems with a good touch of humour ! Do like Henderson!


Witty, but understated- a perceptive commentary on the follies of modern life. Henderson is a legend !


Great poems and an enjoyable read all round



‘Codes of Conduct’ is pretty much the best poetry I have ever read. Very inspiring and fantastic. Should definitely win.


Beautifully provocative.




Brilliant collection! Great insight into the workplace.


Has a wonderful way with words



Captures modern life in the office perfectly. Beautifully observed, sharp and witty. How many of know Henderson?!



Highly entertaining poems written in a great style. A fantastic poet – guaranteed to give you more than a few laughs!



This commentary on a modern day workplace is both hilarious and depressing!

For his wit and intriguing style of writing


Because it’s important work.



It has moved me and I have enjoyed many Sunday afternoons thanks to this pamphlet.



He is an inspirational poet with a clear skill and passion for poetry. He is able to appeal to all abilities and ages with his brilliant poems and it is very gratifying to have him as a role model



Codes of Conduct has very interesting and original poems that I enjoyed reading.


Work is written with sophistication and flair, and is highly enjoyable.



The pamphlet was fun to read and encapsulated the minutiae of daily life.



Mr Elder is an eccentric but incredible english teacher. As one of his students, he has inspired me to pursue by interest in english outside the classroom, whether that be reading massive novels or by writing poetry. Mr Elder is full of charisma, which is most certainly reflected in his poetry pamphlet. Mr Elder writes thoughtful and relevant poems which radiate his wit and humour. I do not think he gets enough credit for his work. Mr Elder deserves recognition for his dedication to literature, poetry and his students. I think this would make him really happy, and it is a chance to give a less well known name the opportunity to shine.



Neil Elder is an amazingly talented writer and a fantastic English teacher who has inspired my daughter to write poems for pleasure.



It deserves recognition for it’s witty and intelligent design, a fantastic read.


‘Codes of Conduct’ deserves to win because of its acerbic wit, verisimilitude and minimalist craft.


Because his words meant a lot to me



Entertaining, insightful poems which make you laugh and think.



Absolutely a great read.



Tasty poetry with an enjoyable prose flavour



An arrow straight to the heart of corporate life… It made me involuntarily laugh out loud, whilst acknowledging the unsettling thought that if you’re not challenging the machine you’re part of the machine… A real joy!!



I read this in one sitting and have read it several times since – it has engaged my teenage son and daughter too.


Brilliant and hilarious!


Insightful and realistic representation of 21st century work environment, touches of humour and melancholy.



It’s an intelligent, well-honed collection from a writer who is working hard to craft a voice of his own.



The hidden lives of the nine to fives.


Subversive in a gentle, inoffensive way. Specific in content, yet universal in appeal.


A devastatingly honest, witty exploration of the perils and pitfalls of the modern corporate working environment, followed by sensitive, personal explorations of life and love in our generation.



Intelligently witty, thought-provoking and hugely enjoyable. Stays in the mind long after reading.



Henderson is everything that we all think but dare not say!



Outstanding way with words!


a brilliant breath of fresh air



A brilliantly and wittily written pamphlet about themes many have experienced.


Sharply original work



Perfect, intelligent, hilarious poetic observations


Wonderful collection. Amusing and thought provoking, made me laugh and made me sad too.


Insightful and humorous approach to modern day work place


Because Henderson is a man of our time and he should be heard…


Brilliant observations on the modern world, and the world of work in particular. Deserves to be read by as many as possible.



Contemporary, humorous, yet also thoughtful.


Moving, exultant poetry