Codes of Conduct pile


My pamphlet Codes of Conduct is available now from Cinnamon Press – (and other online retailers)

The pamphlet won the Cinnamon Press Pamphlet Prize 2015 and in his adjudication, Prof Ian Gregson, judge of the prize, said;

This collection is entertaining throughout but, in particular, it starts with a sequence focused on a persona, ‘Henderson’, whose experiences of office work satirically depict this key aspect of contemporary life in a series of representatively farcical and self-¬
defeating episodes.

In her review, Cathy Cox writes
This is an absolutely brilliant collection of poetry by Neil Elder including the arrival of Henderson, the employee we have all met and empathised with in corporate life. I predict he will become a cult anti-hero. He is definitely mine.
I hope that the poems will highlight the discrepancy between what we believe about other people and what we really know. The poems raise pertinent questions about the way we work and live under the guise of humour.