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The Space Between Us

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Like This

This is a dazzling collection. George Bilgere

My latest pamphlet, published in the summer of 2021.

In Like This are poems that gently push against the tide of tough times that were the backdrop to putting the collection together.

Poet Lorraine Mariner says: With humour and tenderness Elder records the things we do to give our lives meaning but often enough epiphanies come when we least expect them. Chaos, rage and sadness are kept in check just below the surface, “There is no cure for the end of summer”, but these poems urge us to grasp happiness, even as it’s slipping from our hands.

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The Space Between Us

A truly scintillating, cutting-edge debut. Daljit Nagra

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The Space Between Us won the Cinnamon Press Debut Collection Award 2016. Poet and debut prize judge, Jan Fortune said Neil Elder’s work is layered, sometimes quirky, always has a lot going on under the surface, is invariably fresh in perspective and remains wonderfully accessible.

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And The House Watches On

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And The House Watches On is a work explores the lives, real and imagined, that have passed through West House in Pinner. I begin with the dark tale of Thomas Bowler, owner of the house in 1812, who was hanged for attempted murder. I move through the next two hundred years exploring how the house and society has shifted. Along the way we see Admiral Nelson’s daughter grieving for the loss of her child, cartoonist and artist Heath Robinson strolling the grounds, unaware that one day a museum in his name will stand in the park, and we see two figures, Pamela and Priya, hiding in the park, one in an Anderson shelter during the Blitz and one today, hiding in play.

Being Present

An interview I did upon publication

Being Present is a collection of poems that tackles friendship, Generation-Rent and survival in the work place. The book divides into two halves; Friends and Colleagues.


‘This Year’ was the first poem I wrote for the collection, and that poem begins with the  line “selfie-ready”, and the idea that this is  the ‘age of the selfie’ made me consider the ways we look at each other and ourselves.The poems concern two twenty-something women, Ellie and Tara, their relationship, the way they perceive themselves and each other and the way the world around them looks at them. The idea of ‘looking’ is the key to those poems . Under this umbrella I touch on the male-gaze, a mock-Regency hotel and the world of screens around us.The poems are connected by the characters of Ellie and Tara and focus shifts – sometimes we are with Ellie, sometimes Tara and sometimes both appear together.


It’s a return to the idea that there is often more (or less) going on than you think with people because various disguises are worn. We may think someone is absolutely in control of their lives, but actually it’s just a front and beneath the surface they’re paddling like mad.  I think it is possible to see connections to mental wellbeing in the poems (and in the Friends section); the strain of pretence can take its toll on people.

Codes of Conduct

Codes of Conduct explores the gap between what we think we know about each other and what we really know about each other.

This pamphlet won the Cinnamon Press Pamphlet Prize 2015 and in his adjudication, Prof Ian Gregson, judge of the prize, said;

This collection is entertaining throughout but, in particular, it starts with a sequence focused on a persona, ‘Henderson’, whose experiences of office work satirically depict this key aspect of contemporary life in a series of representatively farcical and self-¬
defeating episodes.

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The pamphlet was shortlisted for a Saboteur Award.