The Power of The Popular

The Power of The Dog Versus I’m A Celebrity

Two big-hitters converge in a poem of mine – and in real life.

This weekend sees the start of ITV’s ‘I’m A Celebrity’ ratings winner, and the release of Jane Campion’s film adaptation of Thomas Savage’s  ‘The Power Of The Dog’. A year or so ago I wrote a poem that brought these two entities together – little did I know they would re-align.

My poem took a set of actual events and pushed them up against each other. The poem is called ‘Reading Thomas Savage’

 1 – I read ‘The Power of The Dog’ and was blown away by it.

2- As I finished the novel upstairs, I could hear my family watching ‘I’m A Celebrity’ – and loving it.

Hear the poem

The poem comes from my collection Like This, and captures a moment where I was cut down to size.

When I took myself off to finish the novel, could feel superior – reading a modern day classic, appreciating subtext and written expression. Or I could feel left out – I was on my own being ‘worthy’, while others were in hysterics sharing a good time.

I had no idea a film would be made of the novel. I have not seen the film, but I absolutely recommend the book – but maybe you should watch a bit of Ant and Dec before shutting yourself away – there’s no harm in getting down off your high horse to have a good time.


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