Being Present

Being Present is the title of my forthcoming chapbook published by The Black Light Engine Room. Below is a snapshot of the early proof copy.


You will notice the book is divided into two halves – I Friends, II Colleagues. What runs through all the poems is the idea of how, in this selfie-age, we look at ourselves and each other. The act of looking is very much to the fore – sometimes with admiration and sometimes something darker is at work.

Part I, Friends, explores the friendship and lives of Ellie and Tara, two twenty-something women; they might belong to Generation Rent. Tara and Ellie takes turns in the collection, poems alternating focus or presenting them together – but always with an idea of being very much part of an age where to look and to be looked at is how we live each day. It is an age of mindfulness and being told to live in the moment – it’s aboutBeing Present‘.

Part II, Colleagues,  shifts focus to the world of employment and it continues the question of how much our projected self is the real self. Sure, your boss looks like she’s in control – but what’s really going on behind the door of her office? Of course there’s darkness, but there’s humour and hope too – like most workplaces. The titles of the poems give a clue as to how much the poems are ‘Being Present.


Thanks to p.a. morbid at The Black Light Engine Room for giving these poems a chance. Right now the book is in production, with Jane Burn of Jane Burn Storybook Art producing an illustration for the chapbook. Judging by the team’s previous work, I think it’s going to be a thing of beauty.



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