Poems – Garden Time

Garden time

Garden Time

“A big stick is what you need.”
I remember saying that as he hacked about
the garden of our first home,
armed with just a pair of shears.

The house had stood so long deserted
it was hard to know just where to start;
inside or out, back or front?
Wherever we began, the work was hard and wearing.
Every evening we collapsed into each other’s company,
and spoke of where the paths we made would lead.

Well, I had just remarked about the stick
when he then shouted “Snake!”
From under the compost heap it came,
two foot in length at least;
a green brown blur that slid beneath the shed.
“There’s more life in this garden
than we had dreamt,” he said.
And so we left an area to grow wild
and shifted our attention to the rest.

(This poems is featured on Abegail Morley’s Poems From The Shed website).

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